Gunderson Marketing is an outsourced management firm based in Louisville, Kentucky that develops strategies, implements tactics and measures results for small businesses looking to build awareness and inspire more sales.

There are many reasons business owners struggle with marketing, but it usually boils down to three issues:

  • Lack of Time
  • Limited Budget
  • Little or No Marketing Experience
Eric is a smart, very talented guy, he’s operated his own business and he knows how to get the job done. He listened to what I hoped to do and helped me focus on goals and developed a plan to accomplish them. He’s been a big help to me. I’m amazed it took me almost four decades to realize I needed someone like Eric.
Stephen Ramser, Highland Roofing Co., Inc.

Eric has been working with us for years developing a clear marketing message. Since partnering with his business we have grown in market share and sales each year. Fantastic job!

Alex Hinkebein, VP Production, DFH Company
Eric and his company have handled all the marketing for our firm for the past two years, and we are extremely pleased with the results of the campaign he has personally developed. Eric is very knowledgeable and has been instrumental in the future success of our business!
Mike Steilberg, H.F. Steilberg Painting
Eric often says that “people do business with people they like.” That would explain why he is successful at what he does. Not only has Eric been a valuable asset in helping my company grow, I consider him a friend and colleague who is genuinely interested in my success. I would recommend Eric to anyone who would like to take their company to the next level.
Andrew McIntosh, SKYE Technologies
Eric Gunderson, Founder Gunderson Marketing

Eric Gunderson

Outsourced Marketing Consultation

With more than 25 years of experience overseeing marketing efforts for local, regional, national and international businesses, Eric Gunderson and his team has the talent, experience and connections to provide superior return-on-investment results for their clients.


  • Market Research
  • Strategic Planning
  • Data Analytics
  • Media Planning
  • Creative Execution
  • Budget Management

Let’s Discuss Your Needs

Feel free to reach out directly: (502) 558-1717

High10 Digital

As a supplement to Gunderson Marketing, Eric created High10 Digital in early 2019 to assemble a team of digital marketing experts in order to provide additional value for his clients.

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About High10 Digital

High10 was formed by a group of individuals who believe our clients deserve better. The most exciting aspect of digital marketing is the wealth of data available to those who know how to use it—but we also understand that most businesses don’t have the time, resources or familiarity with using that information to take full advantage of it. High10 was created to fill that void, providing strategic partnership and digital marketing consultation to help our clients achieve their business objectives.